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Substitutes in Different Divisions Year to Year

 How do I make substitutes available for my current league division?

I us LM to run our golf league. I set up a new division for a new year this year - setting up new teams and a schedule for a new golf season. Some subs do not show up as available. LM shows they are already subbing in the previous division (last year's).

Can I take them out of the database or otherwise remove them from the other division so they will show as available in the current division/year? Is there a way to modify their current player record to purge previous substitutions?

I deleted the entire old division and some subs still are unavailable - show as sub in old division.


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Ryan, you want each new season to create a new league in LM. Once you create a new league, transfer in the players from last year's league who will be playing this year. See the sub title, "New Season - Past League Manager Users," on our League Manager Support page. There are how-to videos and step by step instructions. Go to, click on Support and then on League Manager (under #1).

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