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Can't Add More Substitutes to League

I have a license for League Manager 2012 with unlimited members. I am in week 5 of our league & it will not allow me to add additional subs. I currently have approximately 55-60 subs entered which includes the 5-ghosts subs. This is preventing me completing entering scores for week 5.

While I am not carrying maintenance on the software, I fill this is just a basic function that should work.

Steve Hutchinson

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You won't lose any information when adding additional subs or when re-installing the program.
The program is designed to 'layer' on top of the existing program.


Cannot add new subs to program have 9 open but wont let me put a new sub in I am in week 10 if I re-install the program am I going to lose all the previous inputs. ?

Will I lose all the information I have entered I am in week 10 .

If after clicking on 'Setup' and selecting "League Parameters', you are unable to change the number of subs, you may want to consider rebooting your computer and re-installing the program.

Hope this helps! Support


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