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Pairing Uneven Number of Golfers

I am having trouble establishing 3 and 4 man teams. Example: This morning I created total confusion within our group when we had 14 golfers which I was trying to evenly pair playing a quota format. I needed to pair the guys into 4 teams meaning 3 3-man teams and 2 4-man teams. I could not figure out to pair the teams using the software. When I selected 4 teams with 4 man teams it left off 2 players. Can anyone tell him how to accomplish this as we often will have an odd number of players resulting in some 4 man and some 3 man teams but we obviously need them balanced. Thanks.

 Just an idea: When I have an outing where we are 1-2 players short of even foursomes, I add several players to be "blinds." Then I have a drawing at the end among the players who played to see who will get a chance to be on two teams, his own and for the group that was a 3some. Works for us.


I am having the same issue except we play scramble and we dont use handicaps..just A,B,C.  We also have it so that the 3 player teams gets to rotate a fourth shot.  Any suggestions on how this can work for us??

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