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Selecting Shotgun Start

  I can't find the Tee Time Form to choose a shartgun start for my tournament. The Help file tells me to go under the Tools Menu and select "Tee Time Form". However, There are only two choices: 'Update Handicaps..' and "Transfer To/From..'
Anyone new where the form is?

It took me a while to fine shotgun starts.

Look under Tools/Set Tee Times. Set the first tee time to what you want for your shotgun start the select Shotgun start on the right panel.

I hope this helps.



Thanks Jim,

I'm all set now. I don't know what happened! As I said in my first posting, there were only two choices under the Tools Menu and Set Tee Times was not one of them..?? When I went back to the program after your reply, there were several choices.

Thanks again,


I think you were on Sign up Player. There are only two choices then. You need to be on Tournament Sheet.


That is right.  You have to be on the Tournament sheet.


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