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Selecting Shotgun Start

  I can't find the Tee Time Form to choose a shartgun start for my tournament. The Help file tells me to go under the Tools Menu and select "Tee Time Form". However, There are only two choices: 'Update Handicaps..' and "Transfer To/From..'
Anyone new where the form is?

That is right.  You have to be on the Tournament sheet.


I think you were on Sign up Player. There are only two choices then. You need to be on Tournament Sheet.


Thanks Jim,

I'm all set now. I don't know what happened! As I said in my first posting, there were only two choices under the Tools Menu and Set Tee Times was not one of them..?? When I went back to the program after your reply, there were several choices.

Thanks again,


It took me a while to fine shotgun starts.

Look under Tools/Set Tee Times. Set the first tee time to what you want for your shotgun start the select Shotgun start on the right panel.

I hope this helps.



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