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Assigning holes

I have a tournament with 28 foursomes, shotgun start. How do I assign two groups to certain holes (i.e. 1A, 1B, etc)?

Are you using the "Set Teetimes..' function listed under 'Tools' in the Tournament Sheet tab ?
You can type in which start hole you'd like your teams to use or have the program assign start holes for you.
Hope this helps, Support


I was letting the program assign the holes but it wasn't assigning "A" and "B" to the starting hole when I had more than one group startinon the same hole.  I think I figured it out by manually going into each hole and assigning the A and B myself.


I am running a weekly five flight tournament with over 100 players each week.  If I allow TM to assign tee locations the second hole 01 (I change to 01B) is made up of players of a much lower skill level and thus slower.  Is there an easier way than just going back and manually assigning holes?

Additionally I would like to have the par three holes only have one group, any way to pre-set the assigning of holes by course (thus when playing same course later in season the system remembers which holes to assign more than one group.

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