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Criss Cross Game

Team game called Criss Cross

I used to play a team game called Criss Cross. Teams were set up in the normal fashion as 1 Gross and 1 Net, or 2 Net or some other format.

The format for Criss Cross is to take the lowest score from holes and add them up for a team score.

Criss Cross is this.

You take the lowest score from each hole as follows:

Lowest score of hole 1 or 10

Lowest score of hole 2 or 11.

Lowest score of 3 or 12

Continue thru hole 9 and 18.

At the end, the scores would be added by the lowest scores on either hole. Ie. Lowest on 1 or 10, lowest on 2 or 11 etc.

I’d like to build a report that will produce this result.

Another factor to consider would be to show how a team improved from the front to the back.  How many scores were used on the back nine compared to the front.

This could be used as a tie breaker or bonus if needed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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