There is a quick and easy solution if you want to add a counter to your Website Builder site. The counter can be visible or not. There are two basic steps:

  1. Sign up for a free counter account (any questions regarding the counter must be directed to that company)
  2. Insert the same code into as many Website Builder pages for which you want visitor statistics

Full Instructions

  1. Sign up for your free account. Click on the Signup tab:

  2. Fill in your information to create your account

  3. Add a project from the "Add Project" link under "Projects" tab

  4. Suggested project setup

  5. Select the project you created and click on the wrench icon to "Config"

  6. Click on the "Default Guide" link

  7. Click on "Basic" tab (html only counter)

  8. Highlight and copy your code

  9. Go to Website Builder and highlight your home page on the navigation menu (see Which Page is My Home Page?)

  10. Click on the Edit icon (yellow pencil)

  11. Once in the Editor, click on the Advanced tab

  12. At the bottom left corner of the Page Editor, click on the HTML icon []

  13. You are now in the HTML view. Scroll to the very bottom and place your cursor behind (on the right hand side) of "</table>"

  14. Press your Enter key on your keyboard one time

  15. Paste the StatCounter code between "</table>" and "</body>". You will finish with something like this image:

  16. Click the Save & Close button.

  17. Repeat Steps 10 through 17 for any page for which you want to count visitors, substituting the page you want for the Home page in Step 10. For some of your pages not appearing on the navigation menu, you will need to click on the Pages tab. Note that you can insert the code into any web page you create within Website Builder. If you create a page outside Website Builder - by saving an Excel spreadsheet as a web page, for instance - the code cannot be added to such pages.

  18. You can return to StatCounter whenever you want and sign into your account to see reports about your visitors (whether you have visible or invisible counters on your website).