In the Individual 2-Day Ringer Tournament, each player plays two rounds and each player's tournament total is the sum of the player's best score on each hole. For example:

Step 1: In your Tournament Manager Desktop Software set up a new tournament by selecting "Change active Tournament" then Select "New Tournament".

Step 2: Set up your tournament with the following parameters:
  • This is a 2 day tournament; however you are going to set it up with 1 round.
  • The number of players is 2.  See notes below.
  • The number of teams ='s the number of players participating in the tournament.
  • Number of flights = your decision.
  • Number of Tees = your decision.
  • Use the drop down arrow to set your course.
  • Use the drop down arrow to adjust your tee.

Step 3: Add players to the tournament.
  • Using the sign up Spacebar, add players to the 1st space for each team. This will be where you will input ROUND 1 scores.
  • Using the sign up Spacebar, add blind draw (M) or (F) to the 2nd space for each team. This will be where you input ROUND 2 scores for the player in position 1 for that team. I.e these are 1-person teams.

Step 4: Determining handicaps
  • If you are playing with handicap strokes you will need to adjust the Blind draw (M) or (F) handicap to equal the players handicap.
  • Double click on the Blind draw (M) that is in position 2 and enter the handicap. Click Okay to accept.
  • Note: you will need to do this step for each player in the tournament.

Step 5: Play the course and enter the scores on the score cards for Day 1 and Day 2.
Step 6. Run a Ringer Report. The system will select the best score / hole over the two days to create a cumulative score.
  • From the main menu, select Reports.
  • Click the green heading Tournament Manager Reports (standard) ask shown below.
  • Select Tournament Reports (standard) Report #T6K - "Team Results - Best Ball - Stroke - X Net".
  • Click on the display button.

Step 7: Specific Report Information

  • Select "best 1 total score"by clicking on the drop down menu as demonstrated in the picture below.
  • Click (okay) as shown below to produce the report.

Step 8: The report will provide a hole-by-hole report.