In order for an iPad to see beyond the first page of a pdf document, do the following.

If pdf document has been uploaded and stored under the Files tab, but not yet on navigation menu:

  1. Click on the Menu tab
  2. Click the big green plus sign on the toolbar
  3. Select "Existing file, document...."

  4. Click Next button

  5. Enter "Link Text" (what people will see on the navigation menu...see below)

  6. Put the dot on "File on my website..." (see below)

  7. Change "Show link..." to "Outside your website..." (see below - this is what enables the iPad to see multiple pages of a pdf document)

If the pdf document is already on the navigation menu:

  1. Click once on the menu item to select it
  2. Click on the blue cog on the toolbar
  3. At the bottom of the window, select to show link "Outside your website..." (as shown below)