How do I send emails to one, some or all my golfers?


To send an email to one golfer, click on the golfer's name and click on the Email or Web Email button under their email address.


To send emails to more than one or all golfers,  click on Manage or 3. Manage and  you'll notice check boxes in the far left column. Check the box(es) for any/all golfers you'd like to email (note that the top box will check or uncheck all players). A gray envelope icon will appear beside the green plus '+': The number to the right of the icon shows how many players have been selected.


Click on the envelope icon to display the email function.


To select a  template, click on the Templates button to the right of the subject line of the email.

In the window that appears, you can choose a template.


Tip: Any email you create using the New Email button can be saved as a template.