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Handling Team Drop-Outs

We're on week 4 of our league. I have a team that has dropped out so I need to remove them and the ghost team, as well as changing the schedule for the rest of the season. It's telling me to change the number of teams, I have to go back to week 1. My fear is that, if I do that, it's going to change the entire season. Is there a way to just change the rest of the season without affecting the weeks we've already played?

We wouldn't recommend changing the number of players in your league at week 4.

Your best bet would be to pair the ghost & dropped team for the rest of your season. Support

I would just make the team or players inactive for all future events and when pairing them set their T times for late in the evening, say 11:00 PM.  That is how I am handling inactive players and teams with no players. I use teams with no players (one player/team in my league) to fill out foursomes when I have one or more twosome or threesome.

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